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How 4BIO put its store online in less time

4BIO, a company that sells special medicines, is part of the RD Group (4BIO, Drogasil, DrogaRaia and Onofre), which is the largest chain of pharmacies in Brazil. To gain agility in delivery and expand its activities in e-commerce, 4BIO opted for Accelerator, which is a customized project for the short wave Magento platform, that is, with a delivery time of a maximum of 60 days. The biggest challenge was the time to market, so the set of features was delivered very quickly, which contributed to the success of the project.

Internally, Grupo RD already uses Adobe Magento, so the only thing missing was to define who would be the implementing partner of the project. And this is where Trezo comes in, providing all the support to the client in this stage of development and customization of the platform.

With deliveries covering the entire national territory, 4BIO aims to provide services with maximum excellence in quality, fulfilling the mission of being a fundamental link in the treatment of patients, offering various products to its users. With a focus on innovating and creating differentials to better serve consumers, it is the only company in the segment with ISO 9001:2015 certification.


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