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How Sumirê set up its Omnichannel strategy

With full focus on the Onmichannel strategy, Perfumaria Sumirê has its e-commerce integrated with physical stores, bringing ease and convenience to its consumers. This was the biggest digital transformation ever carried out by the Sumirê chain, which saw its average ticket increase by 325% with targeted marketing campaigns.

The digital transformation the company went through was huge. In addition, the wealth of features and information that the Adobe Commerce platform has for each business was crucial in the choice. A big surprise was the discovery of a male audience 5x larger than that found in physical stores, changing the business perspective.

This is Sumirê's soul: doing good is what effectively beautifies human beings.

Trezo has always been a partner, implementing functionalities that were not within the scope of the project, this was fundamental for Sumirê to start its operation. Using the recent launches of the Adobe Commerce platform, such as the native pickup store and especially Adobe Sensei, in the first two weeks we already obtained data to offer personalized and relevant experiences to customers.

Renata Minami, Managing Partner of Sumirê


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